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Startup Online Business News Service with Avinash Pandey

What we offer for Start-ups?

Avinash Pandey – If you handling a short-term restricted financial project, our Start-up friendly consulting services are customized keeping all your needs in mind. Our experienced team will plan, manage, and execute individual projects – allowing you to focus on more important business-critical functions.


Small businesses and startups need different guidelines in order for them to work. Our team full of experts will ensure that startups get best in class advice. This may mean that a consultant comes into the business and assesses how it is run. They can provide frameworks and information on how to make businesses more viable for the long term.

Consultants will do a wide range of things. They will spend time getting to know the business. This will mean working closely with a consultant in order to find out how your business operates. They will also assess any issues that arise. But, they will inform you of any opportunities that can be grasped.

Frequently Asked Question

Just fill up the form given on our website and leave your contact details along with the preferred time and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

That totally depends on the nature of the project and the complexities for the same. However our efficient team will still get that through in the minimum possible time in comparison to our market counterparts.

You can pay by Debit card, Credit card, Online Transfer, Demand draft or Cheque.

Creative solution for your business from us.